We are a friendly little print and design team who have provided Salon Marketing products for over 5 years...

This has allowed us to gain the knowledge and expertise to help grow your buisness through high quality printing and bespoke designs, which makes what you do stand out!

We're Local.

Situated in Crossley Woods, Mirfield; We like working with local clients as it enables us to help the community we live in and know the market which your salon is competing in.

All this goes to say we can help you target new clientele with precise accuracy; as well as being easily accessible if you want to drop by for a chat.

Get in touch!

On email sales@perfectfinish.co.uk or call 01924 793531 for any inquiries.

With absolutely any questions; we’re here for you, whether your journey to becoming a thriving salon is from scratch or you just need some posters. This is your chance to give your salon a Perfect Finish!

Perfect Finish
Salon Marketing

Crossley Woods,
Crossley Lane,
WF14 0NX